What to do in Rumo

There are lots of opportunities for an active holiday in Rumo. For those who love walking there are many paths to go through on gentle plateaus or on the highest peaks for regenerating but never too demanding walks. Woods of firs and larches, alpine huts and alpine lakes will characterize the landscape of your excursions and they can be reached even in winter through the use of snowsho- es or the practice of ski mountaineering. There are also numerous historical and cultural attractions: from silver mines to frescoed churches, from the ethnographic museum to the musical instruments craftsmanship.

Motorbike Holiday

All the hotels are identified by the orange “moto sotto il tetto” (bike under the roof) sign, and are able to welcome our motorcyclist friends with special services.
Express courier service: in order to favour travelling “lightly”, the Club is able to provide an interesting service, in cooperation with an international express courier. If you wish to send your luggage to one of the Club facilities, the hotel keeper will pick it up at the city post office – on your behalf – so your bags will be waiting for you in your room. We can also send your baggage straight to your home at a very convenient cost.

Sanctuary of  St. Romedius

The Saint Romedio sanctuary is near the village San Zeno in the Val di Non and it is the most interesting example of medieval Christian art in the Trentino region. This is a famous pilgrimage place which is built on a 70-metre high calcareous rock.
This architectonic building is surrounded by a wonderful natural landscape and it is composed of several churches and chapels directly on the rock. The whole structure is connected by a steep stairway with 131 steps. The oldest chapel of the building dates back to the 11th century and over the centuries other three little churches and other two chapels have been built, and also seven Passion’s aedicules.

Tovel Lake

Set in the northern part of the Brenta Group, Lake Tovel (m. 1,178) is the largest natural lake in Trentino and one the “jewels” the Adamello – Brenta Nature Park can boast. Its waters are surprisingly clear, with incredible blue and green shades. The lake also plays host to a variety of life-forms. It is part of the Noce catchment area, one of the main affluents of River Adige. The lake has a surface of 360,000 m2 with a maximum depth of 39 m.

Castel Thun

It’s an example of the most interesting castellana thirty architecture, civil-military structure is typically Gothic and is surrounded by a complex of fortifications system formed by towers, lunati ramparts, moat and Chemin de ronde; imposing the “Spanish gate” (1566) built with massive ashlar ashlars arranged radially. The central fortifications are quadrangular with strong bulwarks for the defense with firearms, four square towers at the corners and, after the moat, another wall with slits to deep conch and two medieval crenellated towers.


Canyons are the special attraction of the Val di Non. Dug in the rocks in the past millennia by the rivers that cross the valley, canyons can be explored along many trails. The Rio Sass Canyon in Fondo and the Novella River Park, set among the villages of Dambel, Cloz and Romallo, are doubtlessly the most spectacular in the valley.

Trentino Guest Card

Trentino Guest Card is much more than just a simple tourist pass, itis the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy everything that Trentino has to offer! It gives you free entry to all the main museums, castles and natural parks. It also allows you to circulate freely on public transport, avoiding traffic and parking problems and offers a range of discounts and access to exclusive services such as guided tours, priority entry and tasting events.


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